Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tonight, You Taste of Sugar Free Gum

I don't know. But any product that proclaims "it also makes oral sex more enjoyable for both parties" really puts my back up. Because it's not saying "oh my God, the most fun thing you can possibly do with (most of) your clothes on has just got even better." It's saying "ewwww, there's things there that smell and taste funky... so cover them up with a chemically sheen, and maybe you won't feel like vomiting later."

Or words to that effect.

Which is a shame because this particular gel (and it is a gel, only marginally shy of the consistency of cum) is certainly one of the better tasting mints on the market, and one of the only ones that hasn't left my partner complaining afterwards of a tingling sensation that goes beyond a sexy glow. 

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