Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beginners Suck

I don’t recall whose idea it was, not originally. Was it me, looking up with his cum on my mouth and giggling, “I wish I could show you how much fun that is”? Or him, looking down, wiping a drop off my cheek, and breathing, “I wish I could feel what you feel when you suck me”?

But one of us suggested, and other one acted, and the next time I saw him I was already kitted out, hot and harnessed and just waiting for that moment when I added the cock to my newfound regalia.

In place, the harness felt great; it also felt natural. The straps didn’t bite, and they weren’t likely to slip. The design ... well, I chose pink because it isn’t black, and nylon because it isn’t leather. Maybe later I’ll venture into more expensive territory (the Driver Harness intrigues me) but right now I’m a beginner, and this was perfect for my needs. A few reviews warn that, close-up, it doesn't look so good. But close-up, I'd hope someone has more things on their mind (okay... in their mouth) than the construction of my harness. 

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weird said...

wow jenny,

this is hot. you can let him suck your new cock and then introduce him to the art of pegging. i wen down on her, swallowing half of her cock, before she pegged me for the first time. she said watching me with her cock in my mouth was almost as hot as fucking me with it.

have fun!

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