Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adventures in SL (and ELSEWHERE!) - Teeth

Following up on a recent posting....

Bound and blindfolded, he thought she was defenseless.

But she had one last surprise in store....

[2011/09/16 18:17] JW: cock blood and cum... all at the same time
[2011/09/16 18:18] DL: yummy
[2011/09/16 18:19] JW: just say the word.. lol!
[2011/09/16 18:19] DL: i will dream about now
[2011/09/16 18:20] JW: peeling the flesh off your cock with my fangs... sucking out your soul with your cum...
[2011/09/16 18:20] DL: roooaaarrrr
[2011/09/16 18:21] JW: and then feeding from you every night... sometimes blood, sometimes... mmmm... I want a tongue made out of tiny sharp hooks... licking someone's body and peeling the skin off at the same time.. that would be delciious
[2011/09/16 18:32] DL: congratulation, now i am horny and need to sleep with that ideas
[2011/09/16 18:32] JW: start at the face... work my way slowly down the body
[2011/09/16 18:33] DL: ii bet you talking about male victims
[2011/09/16 18:33] JW: actually... I was talking about you...
[2011/09/16 18:33] DL: damn... you hate me....
[2011/09/16 18:33] JW: no, quite the contrary!
[2011/09/16 18:33] JW: you would love it!
[2011/09/16 18:34] DL: i wish i had not show you my cock... now you will destroy it... why ever
[2011/09/16 18:34] JW: oh, but I'd destroy it so beautifully
[2011/09/16 18:35] DL: do you often plan cock tortoures?
[2011/09/16 18:35] JW: well, I don't think of them as tortures
[2011/09/16 18:36] DL: how do you call?
[2011/09/16 18:36] JW: they are love making, of course
[2011/09/16 18:37] JW: to take a cock inside my mouth... deep... and devour it completely... slowly, luxuriously...
[2011/09/16 18:37] DL: yesss, thats love!!!!!!!
[2011/09/16 18:38] JW: told you so

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