Sunday, October 2, 2011

Googling Myself IV

Since I started this little series, the most frequent question I have been asked is... "is that really you in that video?"

Regular readers, friends, and anybody who takes the time to read my little preamble about Googling my own name to see what else shows up, will know the answer to that one already. But for those who are going to watch my latest discovery, the answer is "no."

I am not "mature" - well, not as mature as this lady. And I am not a red head.

But don't let that spoil the fun!

"Mature Redhead Jenny Swallows Sack Load Of Cum

"Athletic redhead milf Jenny looks classy and distinguished as she strips out of her outfit and shows her pert boobies to the camera - but soon the whore in her comes out as she greedily falls on her muscle stud partner's firm cock, showing off her years of cocksucking experience. She bends over the couch to give easy access to both her holes and he teases both entrances with tongue and fingers. Begging for his dick, she raises her ass up further in the air and her man plunges his rod into both her pussy and ass, giving her the hard fucking she's been craving for so long. She eagerly sucks out a ballsack full of cum down into her throat."

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