Monday, March 15, 2010

Ambrose Horne - Lady H's Reticule

Greetings gentle readers.
I am taking the opportunity to pen a few brief words as my dearest Mr Horne is currently en route to Egypt's deepest nether regions on a new and most exciting case. Alas, I was unable to join him on his journey as my esteemed Husband will be entertaining the Duke and Duchess of F_____ at our country estate in R_____. While I do love a 'grand progress,' as they used to say, I am not looking forward to their imminent arrival on our fair shores as the Duke smells lamentably akin to a goat that has never seen a drop of spring rain and his wife, well.... I think a lady would not care to speak of her in mixed company. But one must do one's duty and I am most busy with preparations.

In Mr Horne's absence, however, he has asked me to keep you informed of his undertakings. Indeed, I am expecting a letter from him in the afternoon post as he was hoping to send word with more details of poor Imhotep's most embarrassing condition. I am sure you are as eager as I to see what our laudable Mr Horne will make of this most puzzling assignment.

Although I fail to see how this new-fangled 'internet' shall replace my pearl handled pen and exquisite bond (despite Mr Horne's forceful insistence that it is what he calls 'the wave of the future') I will, as I once said to Lord W_____, march on like a soldier and see if I can find my way round it. I do hope this will be easier than it was with Lord W____. It is true what they say, that a woman's work is never done.

Lady H______

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