Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Boys Are Better Than One

The way the apartment was laid out, I rarely saw Barry, even though we’d been sharing for half the school year. He had his friends, and did his thing, and I had and did) mine. We got on well enough and spent more than a few nights just sitting around watching TV and sharing a pizza. He did his share of the chores and we split the bills without fighting about them – in other words, he was the perfect room mate. But we didn’t socialize outside of the home and, as I said, rarely saw one another unless we intended to.

So when I got back from class that afternoon and heard music pounding in his bedroom, I just went about my business, putting away the groceries I’d come home with, switching on the local news… and it was only because I had to pass his room to reach the bathroom that I even thought of sticking my head around the door and saying….


Policy. We were both young, both single, and both prone to bringing people home with us for a night (or evening, afternoon or weekend) of fun. We also had a system, a plastic pig ornament that we would place on the television so our room mate would know that we weren’t to be disturbed. There was no pig on the TV today (not unless you count the weathergirl – where do they find these women?) so I assumed…

I assumed wrong.

Barry was on his knees, his mouth around – well, it wasn’t the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, but it was certainly up there with the best of them. His eyes were closed, and so were its owner’s, at least until he sensed me standing in the doorway. He stepped back, his hands falling to cover himself (and failing… I told you he was big), and Barry just looked mortified… especially when he opened his mouth to speak, and a great glob of cum dripped out of it.

Thank goodness I’ve always had great powers of recovery. “See, I told you it was fun” I blurted, then I closed the door and locked myself in the bathroom. Jesus, that was hot.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of straight guys sucking each other’s cocks. I know when it started as well – two friends and I were attempting a threesome one night, during my sophomore year at college. I was raring to go, and so was one of the boys. The other, though, just stood there like a lemon, with his dick a shriveled gerkin between his legs. And nothing I could do seemed to make a difference, not even when I took the whole thing in my mouth and almost sucked his whole body in with it.

“Let me have a go.” Terry, the boy who was ready for action, joined me on the bed and, as I moved away, he took the tiny piece of meat in his mouth and slowly… very slowly… began to blow life into it.

I watched, fascinated. I’d known Terry for a year, and he was as straight as they get. So was Tom, the boy we’d selected for our little bit of fun. But Terry was mouth fucking him like an expert, lapping and licking and taking the very tip of the dick into his mouth… later, he told me that he just did what he enjoyed having done to him, and even chastised me a little for being too eager, too greedy. “Sometimes,” he told me, "a cock needs a little encouragement as well.” This was one of those times, because Tom sprang to attention as fast as you like – and now it was my turn to be a lemon, because the two of them were obviously having so much fun that they didn’t stop, not until Tom was crying out loudly, and Terry was gulping and swallowing a mouthful that… well, I hate to sound greedy, but that was meant to be mine.

But of course I didn’t mind, because I came as hard as he did just from watching the two guys go at it and, although they never touched one another again all night, I could never shake the picture from my head. And now? Now it was back again. I finished in the bathroom, flushed and opened the door. Barry’s door was wide open now and, as I passed, he called me in. The two of them were sitting on the bed, still naked, Barry with an impressive semi-erection that seemed to reach halfway to his knee (funny, I’d never noticed that before), his friend more cautiously sitting with his legs tightly shut.

I entered and crouched on the floor, apologized for disturbing them and then waited for someone to speak.

Barry first. “Have you met Kevin?”

I said no. I had seen him around campus a few times, but he ran in a very different circle to me – and to Barry, I’d have thought. Tall, good looking, and dressed on the edge of the goth crowd. I smiled, said “pleased to meet you,” then waited. I had a hundred questions I wanted to ask, beginning with the obvious “I didn’t know you were gay,” to Barry. But the words wouldn’t come… unlike Kevin, I thought to myself. The sight of his cum falling from Barry’s mouth was not something I was likely to forget.

Slowly the story came out… and I must admit, I was surprised. Like most colleges, ours has an internet noticeboard, where people advertise whatever, and for whatever, they like. I’d used it a couple of times, to pick up a few course books that I didn’t want to buy new, once for a refrigerator and once for a new room mate – which was how I found Barry. He, on the other hand, had used it for something else… a message that read something along the lines of “bicurious straight seeks first time similar to find out what the fuss is about.” Kevin replied.

“So now you know,” I said to Barry, “what did you think?”

“Well, I can see why girls enjoy it so much,” he laughed, and we back-and-forthed for a few minutes, on just how good a hard cock feels when it slips into your mouth; the taste and the heat and the texture… “and the orgasm,” Barry said softly. “I thought I was going to explode when he came.”

“I’m sorry I interrupted,” I said softly, but he shook his head. “To be honest, I’m glad you did.” Kevin looked at him expectantly. “We were talking on our way here, and Kevin told me that the only thing he wanted more than to suck some cock was to have a cute girl watching while it happened.”

Fuck, I thought I’d died and gone to blowjob heaven. “Well, what are you waiting for?” I answered, reaching over and tugging at one of Kevin’s legs, pulling him down to the ground beside me, until he crouched between Barry’s open thighs with that glorious cock now standing to attention just inches from his face. “Because if you don’t suck him off,” I whispered into Kevin’s ear, “I will.”

Kevin didn’t need to be told twice. He bent his head forward and got to work….

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