Sunday, March 28, 2010


Heaven’s in the back seat of my Cadillac. Or the front seat of his father’s Toyota. Or any place else we could be.

We were making out in the back of his car
He’d asked “shall we go?”
I answered “how far?”The look in his eyes told me of his shock
But I was determined I’d at least get a glimpse of his cock

I’d seen them in pictures, I’d read them in books
I knew I was keen on the way that they looked
But what I’d always wondered, would I dare be so bold
If I had the chance, would it be good to hold?
His hand on my breast, his palm on the nipple
I looked at his lap, saw the soft fabric ripple
I laid a hand gingerly at the top of his thigh
I could feel his strength pushing against his tight fly

He groaned and unzipped and his cock was revealed
I let my thumb brush it
And I swear that boy squealed
The catch in his voice told me of his shock
But I was determined I’d at least get a squeeze of his cock

My finger and thumb met around his hard flesh
For a moment I wondered what I ought to do next
I tightened my grip, then made a loose fist
Squeeze and release, then he grasped at my wrist
He started to move my hand up and down
I soon got the rhythm, but he made no sound
Just lay back with eyes closed while I gently caressed
The skin of the first cock I’d ever undressed

I saw the slit in his helmet open and ooze
“Is he cumming?” I wondered
Now I had to choose
Whether to lean in a bit closer? He tensed with the shock
But I was determined I’d at least get a sniff of his cock

I watched the clear liquid as it seeped from the tip
I stopped jerking while my finger slithered in it
That cock felt so huge now, I’d swear it kept growing
And he gasped through deep breaths, “my God, Jen, keep going”
His hand on my wrist begged me to move fast
I knew enough about boys to know he won’t last
Much longer, I bent down, breathed him into my lungs
And his thick sexy scent rose to torment my tongue

I knew what I wanted, what I’d dreamed of at nights
But was this the occasion
Was this moment right?
I blew on his wet tip and he cried out with shock
But I was determined I’d at least get a taste of his cock

My lips touched it first, it tingled a bit
I slid out my tongue and touched with the tip
I let my hand rest while I held that cock straight
And wondered if every girl did this on first date?
I licked at the helmet, tasted all that he’d leaked
So salty, but tasty; his cock brushed my cheek
Then my lips closed around that hot end and I thrilled
My tastebuds were dancing as my mouth slowly filled

I didn’t know what to do next, so I simply paused
Let my hand inch on down
To stroke his tight balls
Then his hips started bucking; and it was my turn for shock
Because the flood in my mouth said I’d emptied his cock

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Very smooth poem of desire...

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