Friday, March 5, 2010

A Stranger In My Bed

I think we've all done something, with someone, that we look back on and think... wow! Usually when we're young (and maybe stupid); usually when we've had a bit too much to drink. Here's one of mine....

The funny thing is, though, Sue and I obviously aren't the only people with something like this in our pasts. Browsing on line the other night, I found this little film and, while I assure you that it's NOT us... it could be!

There’s a stranger in my bed
Guess that I’ll just give him head
And if he cums, and if I swallow
I’ll still have the film tomorrow

We found him in our dorm room
The night of the big game
The quarterback, the superstar
- he doesn’t even know my name
There’s quite a party going on
An all night, all-drunk bash
When he passed out I guess someone
Just laid him here to crash

They removed his pants but not his shorts
My roomie saw “it” first
Peeping out… “let’s jerk him off’
I laughed. “We could do worse.”
She eased it out and held him straight
She gasped at the first touch
“I wonder what he’s dreaming of?”
“He’s a jock,” I said. “Not much.”

I had my camera, turned it on
Filmed her jerking fist
Then passed it to her, said “my turn”
Began to flick my wrist
Minutes passed, he was rock hard
“Is he ever going to cum?”
“There’s one way to make sure he does,”
I said. “Let’s suck him.” “Yum.”

I held him straight and Sue bent down
Licked one long caress
Then slowly drew him past her lips
To where a cock feels best
I watched while my friend sucked him off
“That boy’s such a deep sleeper.”
She said; we switched, now I had him
Deep and going deeper

I heard Sue sigh as I drew him in
Tasted his sweat and her spit
His cock was going down my throat
I could have swallowed it
Her hand gripped him, I began to fuck
My mouth with that stiff prick
She stroked his balls and licked his thigh
Then asked if we could flip

I watched her suck and lick and blow
And still that boy was sleeping
While we feasted on his dong
He slept on; “is he cheating?”
“He couldn’t fake it for this long”
I said. “That’s what I’m thinking.”
But just to make quite sure of that
I gently sank my teeth in

He gave a twitch; he’s cumming now
He’s emptying his larder
I sucked him deep as he would go
Came hard and he came harder
He filled my mouth with salty sweet
His hot and heavy cum
“What did I miss?” Sue asked; I kissed
Her, so she could taste the fun

She joined me as I suckled him
His stiffness now receding
We tucked him back inside his shorts
Still wondering what he’s dreaming
We went back to the party then
Still loud and in full swing
And when our boy walked in later
We didn’t say a thing

But I still have the movie
Sue has a copy too
And one day we might show it
To a friend – or even you!
So if there’s a stranger in your bed
You could do worse than give him head
And if he cums, and if you swallow
You’ll still have the film tomorrow

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