Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jenny's Bookstore

The First Time and 59 Other Magical Minutes is the first anthology of (almost) all of my verse - and you can get your own copy direct from Just follow this link Jenny Swallows and it'll be yours before you know it!

There's erotic verse, and there's erotic verse. But we guarantee that you've never read any like this.

For ten years, Jenny Swallows has been spray-painting her fearlessly explicit sexual fantasies on the walls of the Internet, building up a devoted following of readers, and establishing herself as the undisputed Queen of the Verse Perverse.

Kicking down the traditional walls of modern erotic writing, placing into verse the sensations and situations to which other writers devote pages of prose, Jenny's lust knows no limits, and her first ever anthology is proof of that.

THE FIRST TIME & 59 OTHER MAGIC MINUTES is a breathtaking compendium comprising no less than SIXTY sexsational verses, tracing her sexual journey from inquiring teen to amorous adult, from backstreet assignations to the sanctity of marriage - and beyond.

Poetry will never seem the same again.

And for a bunch of other wonderful erotic books, please visit Chrissie Bentley - purveyor of true quality smut!

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