Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Customer Service

How long does the average verse take to write? Unless I really get stuck for a rhyme, it doesn’t take long to write the verse; I spend longer rereading it, making sure I’m happy with the rhythm, that the lines scan, and that the imagery is as powerful as it needs to be. There again, “Customer Service” was written and finished within 15 minutes of the actual event – less time than it took to happen!

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I don’t believe what happened, I
Just sucked off the cable guy!
I guess I was glad he was here on time
To fix my TV when it died
I offered him a coffee but
He said he wasn’t thirsty
And then he saw my laptop…
Shit! I’d left up something dirty

I heard him gulp with hot surprise
At the image on the screen
So I asked “is there a problem there?”
And he just looked at me
“Oh that old thing!” I laughed it off
Well, what else could I do?
But he just kept on staring then
Said “oh my God, that’s you!”

“Well, not just me” I giggled
Cos there was a hard cock in there too
And another one inside his pants
I could see it bulging through
“Can you work like that?” I asked
My eyes fixed on his crotch
The poor guy looked so horrified
And murmured “guess not much.”

“I feel so bad, it’s all my fault”
I teased as I knelt down
“Let’s get you back to normal”
And I pulled his pants straight down
My God, that boy was hot and hard
His cock stood straight and proud
So I didn’t waste time with sweet talk
I just gobbled him on down

I took him straight into my throat
I swallowed him entirely
I’ve never bobbed my head so fast
I just pulled him all inside me
And when he came it shot straight down
Went straight into my belly
Then I tucked his cock back in his pants
Said “now please fix my telly.”
And he did. That’s what I call great customer service!

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Nitin said...

definetly thinking about taking up the cable operator job.. lucky bastard :D

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