Saturday, May 29, 2010


A message from my friend Chrissie Bentley ...


Publisher: to be announced
Editor: Chrissie Bentley
Deadline: August 1st 2010
Payment: A share of the royalties (min of 7%, plus a copy of the e-book upon publication)

Do you remember the first time?

The Cocksucking Chronicles is a new, in-progress, collection of over one hundred essays, memories and stories, contributed by some of the most talented writers of modern erotica, discussing and describing their first ever experience of fellatio.

Male and female authors alike are invited to delve into their most sacred memories and tell the world all about it.

Were you scared or elated? Were you scared you would come, or worried that he wouldn’t? Was it what you expected, or as great as you hoped? Were you glad it was over, or gagging for a replay?

And what did your partner think?

Contributions should ideally be between 200 and 1,000 words in length, but longer or shorter is fine, if the story demands it. Prose is preferred, but poetry will be accepted if it really steams. What’s important, whatever you write, is that you put the reader in the moment. I’m looking for honesty, emotion and heat. I want to taste the meat and feel the tongue.

Heterosexual encounters only. Also, please establish early into the tale that all characters are over the age of eighteen (even if they weren’t in “real life”). Thanks. Also, no pedophilia and underage sex, bestiality, necriphelia, golden showers and scat play, nonconsensual or rape... If in doubt, please query.

Please visit for a few examples of what I’m looking for.

Please paste your contribution into your e-mail, and send to Please include your name and the word CHRONICLES in the subject line.

Rights: Editor requests first electronic and first print rights. If the book does not go into print, first print rights will be returned to the authors. Authors retain rights to each story; the editor retains rights to the anthology.

All authors will be expected to do as much as they can to help promote and market the work. The more we sell, the more we make. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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