Monday, May 10, 2010

Typical Guys

We’ve already established that some girls will, some girls won’t. And isn’t it fun to pretend to be the other one!

Promise me that you won’t cum in my mouth
Swear you’ll pull out in a hurry
Or shout out a warning when you feel the end dawning
It’s more fun if I don’t have to worry
I’ll start out real slow, tip my tongue in the hole
Trace it across all of your nerve-ends
I’ll blow on your moist skin, I’ll suck both your balls in
And let my teeth graze on your bell-end

I’ll suck on the pass where your balls meet your ass
I’ll give every pore my attention
I’ll lick up the vein – then I’ll do it again
There’s just one thing that I need to mention
Promise me that you won’t cum in my mouth
You might think it’s fun, but it isn’t
I know I won’t like it… one day I might try it
But right now I’d rather you didn’t

I’ll tug your skin tight, I’ll gnaw and I’ll bite
I’ll run my tongue over your glans
I’ll spit on the tip to make it feel slick
While I massage your balls with one hand
Then when I start to suck and your hips start to buck
I’ll take you so deep down within
When your pre-come starts flowing, I’ll just keep on going
But one thing before I begin

Promise me that you won’t cum in my mouth
Just pull out, and I really don’t care
If it splashes my face, you can shoot any place
I just don’t want you doing it there
Oh, your cock’s so delicious, it’s like all my Christmases
Wrapped up in one hard, sexy man
Fill my throat with your meat, push my head down to greet
It, and fuck my face hard as you can

Your balls whip my chin, there’s eight inches in
I greedily suck in my cheeks
You’re fucking my windpipe! (At least, that’s what it feels like)
And now you’re in there, you’re in there for keeps
Just promise me that you won’t cum in my mouth
I don’t want to swallow your ick
My friend said it’s nasty (she did it once, at a party)
The thought of it makes me feel sick

Your hips pump me fast, can’t believe that you’ve last-
ed this long! Are we welded together?
My head’s almost bursting with the force of your thrusting
And your cock’s feeling harder than ever!
Then I hear your voice crying! You whip out – cum’s flying
Slaps my cheek and chin, drips on my tits.
I can’t believe that you did that!
You just pulled out and jerked back!

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