Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love This Site!

Buried away in my blog list to the right, you may not even have noticed it. But once you're done here, give yourself a treat and stop by A Sexual Exhibitionist...

Why? Because here's a tiny sample of what you'll find when you get there....

When I take a cock past my throat muscles I know it sends him into total bliss and things always get a little more intense when I allow him to fuck my mouth. It frees up my hands to play with myself. Sometimes, if I'm not using one of my toys, I'll slide my finger up my pussy and masturbate while I give him head. When I get all revved up it's hard to slow me down, and I am more than happy to try to take a cock just as deep as I can. I really get into sucking on a cock and I love making a man cum. Mmm…..the feeling and taste of a guys thick meat throbbing inside my mouth as my tongue gets busy all over its shaft and tip is enough to get me wet. I love to drink cum and I love the taste of cum. I always notice how a cock will swell and pump inside my mouth as he shoots his heavy load. I'll keep it there as it throbs and continue sucking out every drop. I have no problem eagerly swallowing everything he can give. I love it when I'm tasting cum inside my mouth...Yummy! I explode with passion and I just want more. So many times I have immediately jumped off of a cock to suck it and lap up the few remaining drops of cum as I squeeze it out of the tip of his dick. I’m very talented and experienced in the ways of sucking. I feel it's the most powerful thing a woman can do for a man.

And the most powerful thing that a man can do for a woman!


Anonymous said...

You're right, Jenny! That has to be the hottest blog ever! LOL
Thanks so much for the post.

formula61 said...

I agree with both ladies above, Karen's blog is superb, and now that am here I must explore & comment on yours Jenny.
As I love to read & so far it looks very promising.
I just landed on this page after Karen recommended your page.

Jenny Swallows said...

Hi Rafael - I hope you enjoy it, and please comment as much as you like!

Sukamal Ghosh said...


Anonymous said...

what is just as erotic as having my cock sucked is lapping up juicy pussy at the same time! Nothing is as sensual as a good 69!

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