Friday, August 26, 2011

Doctor Who is back

Abducted by the Daleks is not the greatest movie ever made... but come on! Daleks and naked girls! What more could you want?

the ultra-luscious Jo Grant. As I was saying, naked girls and Daleks...

Amy Pond. When good ideas go very very bad.

Doctor Who is back.

Saturday night, BBC America.

There was a time, a couple of years ago, when those words would have kept me happy for days... if not weeks. (Ignore this if
you don't watch Britain's once-greatest televisual export). Now I just sigh despondently as an unnecessarily convoluted plot promises to grow even more bafflingly obtuse, and amuse myself with the wise words of my friend Dave... "Matt Smith is a Toblerone-headed cunt."

To which I add, "and Amy Pond would look better with a face full of jizz."

Which is slightly misleading, because lots of women look better with a face full of jizz. But I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyway, in honor of the fact that I have enough old Doctor Who DVDs that I could blot out the entire rest of the new season with the classics (although I know I won't), here's a few pics to remind us of the *real* reasons why we love the show.

And here are some more. Wow, is that the best Doctor Who website on the planet?

(OMG, there's a volume one as well?)

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Tom said...

My cable system finally has BBC America! Should I bother watching Who or just stick to the reruns of Next Generation, X-Files and Battlestar?

(Wow, why does BBCA get all the great American sci-fi shows, while the Syfy channel runs shit?)

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