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In London in the 1960s, pornography was a man’s world.

In the form of stag films and blue movies, it was viewed by men, written by men, directed by men and filmed by men. If they hadn’t needed actresses to play a part on camera, it would probably have been made by men as well.

And then a woman came along, and changed that world completely.

This is her story.

There’s a moment near the beginning, when the priest raises a phallus to the heavens, to announce the start of the ritual. Margot suggested that. Later, Sally suggested using it to fuck the girl who he whips through the first half of the film, and then laughed the most infectious laugh when I reminded her she was that girl. “I know,” she said. “Isn’t it wonderful?” And then volunteered Margot to do the fucking.

But the heart of the film, of my vision and the witches’ as well, was the fellatio sequence that consumes the second half. On their knees before a raised platform, each of the girls sucks the masked wizard’s cock, while he encourages them with more flicks of his whip – first Margot, who attacks it with sharp swoops and deliberate thrusts; then Sally, who coddles it, treats it like a favorite sweet; and finally Trish, who brings him off with such passion and beauty, that I didn’t even need to think about filming; the camera did it all for me.

As close as I could get to her, the lens never losing sight of her mouth as it opened gently around his shaft, then closed slow and hungry around his thickness, while her tongue flicked and flickered on the edge of her lips. She wasn’t sucking him, she was adoring him, and when he finally came, it doesn’t matter how often I watch that single scene, her grace and her beauty still take my breath away.

As did the next scene, as she leaned over to Margot and the two shared her beauty, in a long and deep kiss that dripped the spare spunk down their chins. Then I checked the timer, and there was still time to spare.


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