Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Fetish Erotica

First, take a medium-ripe cantaloupe.

The finest fetishes, I think you will agree, are the ones that haven't yet been fetishized; that is, the ones that still live and breathe and develop with their practitioners' needs, as opposed to those that have become so much a part of the language that even your parrot could recite the rules. Fetishes, in other words, that have become so fetishized that they could as easily be described as cliches. Ritual is one thing; the slavish (pun intended) adhesion to somebody else's idea of a good time, in the belief that that is the "correct" way of doing things, is something else.

Case in point - Shades Of Grey, and all who flail in her.

Best Fetish Erotica avoids those traps.

Read more at Eden Fantasys.

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