Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jenny's St Valentine's Blogmas

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Hello to everybody who's only just found this blog, and lots of love to everyone who's going to stick around and read. I'm going to be updating it as often as I can, with new true stories, confessions and thoughts, the occasional verse and pictures and more. And don't forget, if you want to read even more, you can visit my website, or even buy a copy of my book, The First Time & 59 Other Magical Minutes.

You can also find me over at, where I've been publishing for almost three years, and where I am currently ranked #31 in the Top 100 authors chart - the highest rated "poet" in the site's history.

In the meantime, here's a few lines for that Valentine’s card that... oops! You almost forgot to buy!


It tastes like the very first time that I met you
It tastes like the way that I saw your eyes melt
It tastes like the thoughts that passed through my mind
It tastes the same way as I hope that it felt
It tastes of the feelings that course through my pussy
It tastes like the sweetest depths of your soul
It tastes like I wish I could feel all the time
It tastes of the pre-come that leaks from your hole
It tastes of the strength that stretches me wider
It tastes of the thickness that makes my jaw ache
It tastes of the lengths I would swallow to thrill you
It takes of the floods that I lovingly take
It takes of hard work, tastes of sweat, tastes so salty
It tastes of the gift that your hot hard cock brings
It tastes of my heart as it pounds with excitement
It tastes of the rush of my blood as it sings
It tastes of each time that you fucked me or licked me
It tastes of each time that you’ve slept when we’re done
It tastes of our past and it tastes of our future
It tastes of the cries that you make when it comes
And when I think of the faces that other girls pull
When they tell me the things they won’t do
They won’t swallow their lover? Well, I’m not surprised!
Because no other man’s semen could taste just like you

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