Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Are You?

What Are You?
There's really not much that I can add to this one!

You’re a cunt
Lick my cunt
Let me rub it on your front
Let me rub it in your face
Take me back, please, to your place

You’re a prick
I’ll suck your prick
The taste of cock gets me so slick
I want to drink your cum so bad
Take me back, please, to your pad

You’re a fucker
I want to fuck ya
Then pull you from my snatch and suck ya
I want to swallow all you give
Take me, please, to where you live

You’re such a softy
Your cock’s all soft – he
Needs a rest because you boffed me
Harder than I’ve been before
Let’s just stay in this restroom stall

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Nitin said...

after reading your office tryst this poem seems soo appropriately in place

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