Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Reader Writes

I always love reading people's comments on this blog (and I wish there were more to be honest). I had to share this one with you all, though, it's not only one of the nicest I've ever received, it's the HOTTEST as well. Mandy - I don't know if you'll read this, but thank you for writing ... and have fun with your new toy! BTW, it was posted to the verse "You Don't Know Me But...," if anybody else wants to read it.


I hope you don't mind but I have to tell you this before I burst. I've been married 8 yrs and hb and i have a great sex lifem at least i thought so but last night I needed to look at something onour shared computer and in the history I found a link to your blog OMG at first I was surprised but I started reading, one thing I've never done for hb is suck his cock, I tried a few times when we were first dating but he is so much bigger thn my mouth it wasn't comfortable or fun, he's never complained but if he's looking at your site then I know he thinks about it so when we went to bed I decided to try again taking the advice tht you give in this poem, he was on his side facing away from me so I cuddled up and began stroking his tummy with my finger tips, he tried to roll over but I wouldn't let him, I waited till he was really hard then pulled him onto his back and he tried to grab me to fuck but I shushed him and started kissng dwn him till I reached his hard cock then I began licking an kissing it, I loved feeling it twitch and jerk as it lay on hisbelly so then I held it and ran my tongue all over it till he was gasping but he didn't say anything so I put it into my mouth, I wasn't sure about the taste and it was still uncomfortable stretching my jaw that far but I ket going and when the pressure was too much I started to lick and nibble again and I loved every minute of it, I wish I'd known yrs ago that he would enjoy it like this rather than believing that to suck him off properly I had to keep sucking, I felt him start to come and I wasn't sure about wanting it in my mouth this time and I'm glad because the first blast reached his chest but once he'd stopped spurting I put him in my mouth and it was lovely, so next time, wish me luck. Sorry this has gone o n so long but like I said I had to tell somebody, thank you for opening my eyes to one of the best nights of sex I've had in years and years xxxx mandy


ProfessorC said...

Guys everywhere dream and fantasize about this very same thing. Hopefully others will get the hint...

Will Crimson said...

What a great comment. Something like that makes a blog worth it. We all do a little good, each in our own way.

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