Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oral Etiquette

Continuing on from yesterday's posting... the why's and wherefore's of cumming in your partner's mouth... a fascinating question arose.

On the other hand I wonder if a woman has ever said to a man going down on her “Is it OK if I squirt when I cum?” (Thank you Misoodanim)


I'll be honest and admit I never have; partly because I never know if I'm going to or not, but partly because I've never had complaints if I do. Shock and surprise, maybe, but never a complaint. Oh, and partly because there's still guys out there who don't believe it's possible, until it happens to them LOL.

So, question. Has anyone out there ever prefaced cunnilingus with the question "do you mind if I squirt in your mouth?"

And has any guy ever objected?


Unknown said...

Out of the one girl who has squirted in my face, she did not preface cunnilingus with that question, nor did she give me a heads up. I guess I shouldn't assume that "I'm cumming" means increased wetness instead of geyser, but alas, I got the money shot and I wasn't expecting it. I only coughed once, took it down like a champ and never complained one bit. In fact, I have been in search of a girl who can do the same thing since. Someone out there, help a guy out!

Sex toys lover said...

What a truly erotic thought to start my day with. I have to admit that the thought of going down on someone who squirts in my mouth as she's cumming is a fantasy I probably won't get to enjoy... unless there are any volunteers out there?

Anonymous said...

An interesting question and no I have never asked a guy if he minds if I cum in his mouth.

However we have usually discussed sex beforehand and I do warn gys that I get very wet, not as a precursor to cumming in their outh but as a warning that when aroused I will soak everything.....clothes and furnishings alike.

I am usually met with much enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope to hear this question some day! Of course, I would not mind :)

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