Thursday, August 26, 2010


I lost my virginity on a Thursday... and an August Thursday as well. Ten years ago this month. A little later in life than a lot of my friends (to save you doing the math, I was 19), but I wanted to savor some other things first.

His name was Ken and I'm ashamed to say, although I can remember a lot about him... I recall very little about this particular night. Yes it was a Thursday. But that's about all.

I wish I remembered the exact date - I could have thrown a party. Instead, I posted a blog. Life can be so sad sometimes, can't it!


ProfessorC said...

It's strange what a person remembers about their first time. I remember where, with whom and all the sex details, but I can't remember the day or even the month.
I do remember I was so excited that I came inside her, didn't get soft and started fucking her again with a new condom...cumming again inside her within 15 minutes. Ahh, those wasted days of youth.

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed reading the post, couldn't take my eyes off the woman's face in the picture. One things for sure, it's not her first time! Great blog keep up the good"work".

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