Monday, July 25, 2011

A Sex Tape Mystery

Anybody who enjoyed a certain posting last month might be interested in this follow-up to it that I found over at the Vintage Erotica Forums, in a category titled "Disgraced Minor Female Celebs"....

"Allison Williams of WVEC Channel 13
"And to conclude todays offerings .... yet another american TV girl Allison Williams of WVEC Channel 13 in Norfolk, Virginia, (Note, this is not a beauty queen of the same name) was filmed pleasuring herself and a camerman in the news truck ..... then she ain't no news girl no more.

"Note: it has been pointed out that a Ms Williams who was a beauty queen and whom has also been linked incorrectly with the picture strongly denies that its her on the video ......" As this story makes clear. This other Alison Williams entirely, the beauty queen who looked nothing like the girl in the film, somehow became confused in the popular imagination with her naughty namesake... so she sued. As you can also read in this one. And, apparently (and deservedly), she won. To the tune of $7.2 million.

But what about the beauty who actually did make the movie?

The one who is discussed (and named) here? And here.

Well, I'm not the only person to wonder what happened to her.... ?

And the answer is... nobody knows.

Which is a shame because I'd watch her religiously if she read the news round here....


Son of a Butch said...

Wow, great follow-up post! And yes, I'd definitely like to see her reading the nightly news.

Anonymous said...

Been curious as to what happened to her for years now, From what I can gather from reading all sorts of forums and people who are from the Norfolk area, she left to go work for her father who is said to be some BIG Wig at a pharmaceutical company ? But who the hell knows, it really is a mystery , this chick just vanished into thin air

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