Friday, July 30, 2010

Sucking A Stranger

Another oldie. One night stands were my lifeblood for a long time, but there seems to be a lot more single creeps running around these days. There was a time when I could usually rely on meeting someone when I went out, whether I wound up in bed with them or not. These days I spend more time ducking guys and pretending I’m deaf. And tell me, when did male personal hygiene become something to be avoided at all costs? “Hi, you’re cute. Call me when you’ve showered.”

I see him each morning on my way to work
Cute in a business-like way
But it's not the collar and tie that are catching my eye
It's the big sign that says "hey, come play!"

He sits at the back and his stop's just before mine
And he tries hard to use his briefcase
To obscure his wood, but it isn't much good
Cos the thing still stares me in the face

I don't know his name, don't know where he's from
All I know is the damp in my cunt
When every day as he's coming my way
It sees the tentpole he keeps down his front

I'd love to reach out as he's passing me by
Stop him and stroke it a little
Then quickly unzip and take out that prick
And give it a good morning nibble

I'd ignore the commuters all staring aghast
As the driver cranes round for a look-see
I'll suck till I know that his cum's gonna flow
The cream for my first cup of coffee

He asks if I'll dance, he smiles, I say yes
It's a rocker, I can't see the harm
I put out my cig, and lay down my drink
And I lace my hand tight round his arm
The first number ends, another begins
It's slower, we hug, close our eyes
I cling to his shoulders, enjoying his warmth
And a red hot heat hard on my thigh

I'm holding him tight now, feeling him grow
He dances well, smooth, hey - he's cute
But there's something familiar about him. I know!
It's the guy from the bus! In the suit!
He pauses a moment, adjusting his stance
Does he think if he moves I won't know?
But I don't think I'll let him get off quite that fast
No, I'll get him off nice and slow

My hand's slipping down from his back to his waist
Then slides round his side to his tum
My first finger dips down inside his waistband
Makes contact! I send in my thumb
His hand touches mine as he loosens his belt
My finger and thumb grip his tip
And gently rub at the velvety warmth
As his pre-come leaks out, warm and slick

I know he wants more - oh fuck, so do I
I push my hand down to grasp more
His pants have pulled open, I'm jerking him hard
And a few people have seen us, I'm sure
I pull him in closer and hitch up my skirt
Grip his hard cock tight with my thighs
And now with each thrust we're both getting closer
And the music can't bury our cries

He's giving me head while I lie on the bed
He fucks me some more while I kneel on the floor
I half crouch, half sit while he shoots on my tits
We run out to the store, then he fucks me once more
Now we're lying here quiet, my head on his tummy
His cock's soft. I smile. He asks "what's so funny?"
I tell him what I thought the first times I saw him
How the sight of his cock used to brighten my mornings

He laughed, said he hoped I was not disappointed
I said "well, in one way, I've not got what I wanted"
"What's that?" he asked, and I reached for his prick
"A taste!" I replied and I gave him a lick
He's stroking my hair as I kiss him down there
He lets out a faint groan as my lips start to roam
His hips give a buck as he feels the first suck
And I can't help but moan as I feel him slide home

So salty, so cum-soaked, with the sweet taste of pussy
I slurped on his helmet, felt him swell as he pushed me
Felt the ridge bump my teeth then I dip my head lower
Took him into my throat and my motions grew slower
I've waited all night for my chance to go south
I worship and relish the man in my mouth
And when he cums, and my throat is still thick with his lust
Maybe I'll tell him what I want to do on the bus

Finger his ass while he's showing his pass
Let him blow on my hooters in front of commuters
Unzip him and blow him while the bus driver's slowing
And then make him pop as we get to his stop
But I doubt that I'll ever see him again.

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