Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Little Things That Mean A Lot

Having said how much I love cybersex, I love phone sex just as much. But not with strangers, thank you very much.

When we're on the phone, it's late at night
And the chat is stuck on flirty
Do you wish I'd take it up a notch?
Do you want us to talk dirty?
When you're fucking me with all your might
And every stroke grows bolder
Do you like it when I wrap my legs
Tight around your shoulders?

Then tell me, ask me, let me know
The tricks that make you roar
We think so hard about the big stuff, but
The little things can say more
When I'm kneeling, sucking on your cock
While you're standing by the bed
Do you like it when I place your hands
Hard on the back of my head?

When I'm lying with my legs apart
In the grip of cunnilingus
Do you like it when I part my lips
Wider with my fingers?
Then tell me, ask me, let me know
The things that make you hot
It's sometimes easy to forget
That the little things mean a lot

When I straddle you and ride you hard
And my juice pools on your thighs
Do you like when I flick my head
To shake my hair out of my eyes?
And when we've fucked ourselves to sleep
Which we've done so often
Do you like me sucking you back to life
When you thought you'd finally softened?

Then tell me, ask me, let me know
I might not even be aware
That the tiniest gesture that I make without thinking
Is the one that takes you there

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