Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Really Don't Like it

It makes me laugh reading some of the mail I get, people seem to be under the impression that I spend my entire life having sexual encounters and then writing about them – when, in fact, a single blowjob could (and has) inspire half a dozen verses. This is one of those.

He said “babe, don’t do that
“I know you feel flirty
“But it just isn’t right
“It makes me feel dirty
“And the thought of you kissing me
“Makes me feel sick
“If I know that your mouth
“Will taste of my prick.”

I raised my head slowly
From kissing his thighs
I thought he was kidding
Till I looked in his eyes
I shot a sad smile
At his proud, bobbing cock
I thought I’d get lucky
I guess maybe not

He said “babe, come up here
“Why can’t we just fuck?
“It’s healthy and normal
“You don’t have to suck
“To prove that you like me”
So I put up with his poking
And pretended to cum
And to cherish his stroking

He said “you’re not happy?”
I replied, “I’m just shocked
“I want to taste your whole body
“And swallow your cock”
He said “why do you like it?”
I said “cos it’s awesome!
“The heat and the flavor
“And waiting for your cum

“I just love to do it
“And it isn’t a crime
“So lie back and enjoy it
“Please try it one time.”
“I know I won’t like it,”
He said with a sigh
“And you’ll clean your teeth after?”
I thought I would die

But he’s not going to beat me
I will have my fun
So I tickled his helmet
With the tip of my tongue
Then I folded my jaw
Round his sweet purple tip
And I sucked very gently
And fucked with my lips

His cock was so hard now
And his breathing was low
So I took him inside me
As deep as he’d go
And I gave him the best head
That I know how to give
My pussy was flooding
I leaked like a sieve
He came like a fountain
I can’t hold it in
As much as I swallowed
More dripped down my chin
My lips were just smothered
In his white sticky bliss
Which is when I sat up
And I gave him a kiss

He cried and he spluttered
His eyes filled with fear
So I slipped in my tongue
Filled his mouth with the smears
Then dipped back to his lap
To his softening dick
Licked him clean with my tongue
Sucked his balls a bit

I came so hard then
That my pussy was purring
But he lay there so quiet
I could hear his brain whirring
“That was amazing!”
I told him. He swore.
“Well, I still didn’t like it.
“You’d better try it once more.”


Advizor54 said...

"You'd better try it once more..." What a classic guy phrase. What a hoot.

I don't think I'll like it,
I don't think I should
My mom says it's awful
Making you suck on my wood.

But when I am slippery
and hard on your tongue
Please bob up and down
and the job's just begun.

I really should treat you
with love and respect
instead of like women
who aren't circumspect.

But it's starting to tingle
Its starting to shine
So swallow me down
and prove that you're mine....

Anonymous said...

I think that we just like to think you do have sexual encounters all the time. You write about them so well! and thanks for that!

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