Friday, July 23, 2010

The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss - Revisited

I posted this one back in March, but there's been BIG NEWS since then... "The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss" is now the title of, and the first story inside, an upcoming collection of short stories, all about your first ever taste of oral sex.

The book will be out around Christmas time, and the editor is still accepting contributions until the end of August, so if you have a tale to tell, check this out.

And here's that kiss once again.

The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss
Lips are for losers, tongues are for words
Kissing is something I leave for the birds
Don’t want to snog you, I’ll give that a miss
All I want to give is the bad girl’s sweet kiss

Be my sweet Valentine? Don’t make me sick
Let me wrap my mouth round your hot, rigid prick
Let me suck you off, let me suck you in
Let me give you a shot of sweet bad girl kissing

Feel your tight flesh as it slides through my lips
Taste your hot scent as my face meets your hips
Feel my throat gasp as your breath starts to hiss
Swallow you whole in my bad girl’s sweet kiss

Let my tongue play while your flesh starts to buck
Let you know it’s my mouth that I want you to fuck
Those girls that don’t like it don’t know what they’re missing
They’re good girls, the fools, sweet bad girls like kissing

Your helmet is banging the back of my throat
I have no gag reflex, just BANG ME, don’t poke!
Don’t tell me you love me, cos I know where you piss
Just bruise me as I give the bad girl’s sweet kiss

You’re trying to jerk but my jaw holds you tight
My hands on your hips and your cock’s out of sight
You’re starting to come and I’ll drink down your jizz
It’s the treat at the end of the bad girl’s sweet kiss

So thick and creamy, it clings to my flesh
I swallow, I wallow, the feel of your mess
I suck till you’re soft and then lick up the spill
It’s the bad girl’s sweet kiss…
…do you want one?
…… you will!

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