Thursday, July 1, 2010

BRB (Be Right Back)

I probably shouldn’t say this, but I actually enjoy cybering. Not all the time, and certainly not as a substitute for the real thing. But late at night sometimes, bored with the TV or whatever else might be around, it’s fun to simply sign on, sit back and see who tries to IM you. And then, provided they don’t put my back up immediately (and there’s a laundry list of opening gambits which are guaranteed to make me hit the “block” button), who knows what might happen? The odd thing is, I’ve probably had more civil conversations with would-be suitors than I’ve ever had “sexual” encounters, which just goes to show… there’s a lot of other bored people around out there, and the Internet is not simply a nest of depraved perverts and lonely sad sacks. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

I’m looking for a cock to suck
It’s 3 am, I’ve had no luck
I spent the evening at the bar
But all the guys there looked so blah

Went on to check some local shows
Hung on until the last one closed
But the only guy who hit on me
Looked like he was a chimpanzee

So I went on-line cos what the hell
Even cyber’s better than an empty shell
But it’s like the world’s been emptied out
Cos no-one answers when I shout

Hey you! I’m bored. and horny too
Let’s tell each other what we’d do
If I was there or you were here
And your cock was stiff and my mouth was near

And I’d slurp you in and suck you dry
I’d caress your balls, I’d tongue them, I
Would take you deeper than you’ve ever been
I’d show you tricks you’ve never seen

I wouldn’t need to use my hands
Just my lips to suck your glans
And when you cum, and your cock’s gone soft
I could wipe my lips and then sign off.


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Silverpanties said...

You are a very sexy women!

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