Monday, July 19, 2010

Educating Jennifer

Back to college days once again! Another very early verse, but the sentiments are eternal.

His door was cracked slightly and I just peeped inside
As I crept to the bathroom one night
He lay on the bed, with one hand tween his legs
Jerking off by the small bedside light
I was shocked.

His door was ajar and I just glanced inside
As I crept down the stairs for a snack
He lay on the covers, his right hand his lover
With his left hand caressing his sack
I was intrigued.

His door was half open and I peeped round the edge
As I went to find my magazine
He was mopping his issue with a few balled-up tissues
And the bedspread was covered with cream
I was moist.

His door was wide open and I just stood and stared
As he jerked himself off in full view
I blurted out "hey! what on earth are you thinking?"
And he murmured, "I'm thinking of you."
I was hot.

He watched me at breakfast though he knew I'd turn red
He asked me what I dreamed when I went to bed
He told me my boyfriend was just a young kid
He asked me to tell him the things that we did

I left my door open when I dressed for school
In the hope that he'd watch - and he did! He's no fool
I undressed by the mirror and my diary knew
Of all of the things that I hoped that he'd do

At night when I passed by his room he'd be waiting
I'd stand in the door and watch his hand copulating
I'd watch his cum fountain and I wished that I'd dare
To step into the room and ask him to share

Then his visit was over, he'd be leaving tomorrow
I remember sitting in my room writing verse filled with sorrow
About how his attentions made me feel fully grown
About how I dreamed that I could have his cock for my own

His door was cracked slightly, so I slipped inside
He was seated half dressed as I sat by his side
His lips brushed my forehead, he said "you're so young"
I laughed, "you wouldn't say that if you knew what I'd done"
I'd jerked off my boyfriend! I'd shown him my tits!
I didn't complain when he fingered my slit!
And I grabbed for his groin through his boxer shorts
Then gasped - he was bigger than I ever thought!

And harder and hotter and longer and... oh!
I thought of the places where this thing could go
And imagined him splitting my poor cunt in two
But I couldn't turn back now I had him - could you?
"Just stroke it," he whispered, "that feels real swell"
So I did but my mind, it was whirling as well
Remembering the night when I saw his cum flying
I wondered what else I ought to be trying

I was watching my hand as it strained round his thickness
And the clear liquid oozed from the slit, that strange prick mess
I leaned forward a little. Was it cum? Was it piss?
Then his hand pushed my head down, "oh baby, one kiss"
My lips met the sticky knob, parted with shock
My God, my mouth opened and in slipped his cock
My jaw ached, my teeth scraped, but he didn't care
His hands held me still while he pushed more in there

At first I was frightened, at first I felt sick
Then my mind seized on the fact that it don't hurt a bit
I relaxed all my muscles and breathed through my nose
His cock twitched and pulsed; I could feel it still grow
He whispered "please suck me," I wasn't sure how
But I drew in my cheeks and - I get it now!
I began bobbing my head like I'd jerked with my hand
And when his breathing got faster, I sucked on his glans

"I'm cumming!" he cried and I jerked my head back
I just wasn't sure I was ready for that
But I tasted the tip of his cock when he'd cum
Strange, tart and sticky... yeah, I'll swallow some
He softened, I sucked as his muscle shrank back
Popped it all in my mouth, all the way to the sack
Then he held me and whispered how great my mouth felt
And I told him his flavour just made my soul melt

He wanted me to stay but I wanted my own bed
I wanted to tell diary that I'd just given head
I want to fall asleep with my mouth alive with cock
I want to dream all night about that delicious sense of shock

Yeah, I sucked on that prick and I drank down his lava
I don't care that he's old enough to be my father
Cos I know that he loved it and I loved it too
And if you think that we're wrong, you're just jealous - Boo hoo!

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Advizor54 said...

Very cute, very sexy. I think your theme development and sense of forward speed was wonderful.

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