Friday, April 29, 2011

It's not the wine talking...

He had refilled my wine glass so many times that I’d given up counting, let alone saying no. There’s only so many times you can nurse the same day dream before finally giving in when it is pushed into your face... and tonight, after an eternity spent touching, caressing and teasing my flesh, we had finally crossed that final frontier.

He was mine, and I didn’t care whether it was the wine talking. I was going to take him.

I needed to taste him, to set my tongue and lips where my fingers were. Breaking his grip, I slipped down to nuzzle his belly, my tongue flicking out to sample each fresh part of his flesh. For a moment, my mouth hung poised over his cock; I could see it straining upwards to meet my lips, and I planted a light, lingering kiss on the tip – and then moved away and started, instead, to nibble his balls. By the time I turned my attention back to his prick, my jaws stretching wide to engulf the solid monster that stood before me, his breathing alone told me how close he was to orgasm.

I sat up. His cock was glistening with my saliva, and a bright droplet of pre-cum nudged its way out of the wide eye of his helmet. I licked it off, then squeezed the glans gently. Another droplet, another gentle lick and I felt the gossamer-thin thread of moisture that stretched from his cock to my mouth.

Reaching for the wine glass on the table, I took a deep draught, and sloshed it around my mouth, bathing my gums and tongue. Then my mouth plunged over him again, and the sensation was indescribable, the deep heat of the wine mingling with the sharp tang of his flesh to send every nerve-end in my mouth into delicious paroxysm. I can only imagine how it felt for him, but I’d swear I could feel his cock actually swelling in my mouth, growing longer, thicker, heavier.

I withdrew. “Again?” he whispered and I smiled, took another mouthful of wine, then another of him. Once more, the cocktail left my entire body tingling – and this time, there was no wondering how he felt. His balls tightened in my hand; any moment now… I pulled away and, in one deft movement, I was astride him, my pussy sucking as greedily as my lips had, sliding up and down that massive cock, willing it deeper and deeper inside me.

He hammered himself back against me, faster and harder, as he sped closer to the edge, and then he erupted inside me, grinding himself against my body as he pumped every last drop deep inside my snatch. His eyes were closed, and slowly, his thrusting became less urgent. I lifted myself off him, heard the thick, moist “plop” as our flesh disengaged, and I shuffled myself around, to face his softening, sticky prick.

It was soaked with our juices, and just inhaling the aroma unleashed a tsunami of sensations that set my every nerve a-jangle. I closed my lips around him, drawing taste and tingle into my throat. I licked him, I sucked him; how I sucked, drawing our warm, mingled spendings… the thickly perfumed taste of our loving … into my mouth.

It was salty, it was sweet, it was good. I swallowed, then searched for more as he moved beneath me, rubbing himself against my face, faster and faster. His thighs were clamped against my ears, his hands held my head in place.

I held his softness in my mouth, and there was no question that he was soft. But suddenly he gave a cry, a moan and one final, massive thrust, and my mouth was flooding with fresh cum, drawn from who-knows-which reservoir deep inside him. And then he was kneeling, stroking my pussy as he began leaning closer.... Then he buried his face in my dripping pussy, licking first, but then plunging his tongue inside me, sucking and slurping at my flesh, and swallowing hard as his own cum dribbled back into his mouth.

I wished I had a mirror handy, I wished I had a camera; in my mind’s eye I could see his face smeared with white, and the thought set my hips bucking furiously, grinding my cunt into his mouth, pushing his mess back down his throat. And as one final, keening orgasm threatened to rip my entire body to ribbons, I knew one thing for sure.

I would never refuse a refill again.


H said...

you have just described my very fantasy, that is exactly how I want to have sex with a woman.

Fucking hot!

William said...

Damn Jenny, you are a nasty girl! I love it! A cum hungry slut, my favorite...And I mean that as a high compliment.


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